Ethernet packet corruption at high clockspeeds?

Hello, I experienced data corruption when trying to flash an image to eMMC through the network before:

In the meantime I had to realize that I always get corrupted packets when clockspeeds exceed 1 GHz. The only way to get realiable networking is to limit the maximum cpufreq to 1008 MHz (I do it through /etc/rc.local at boot). Anyone here made the same experiences?

Maybe it’s related to power and the problem disappears when I avoid the crappy micro USB connector and solder cables to power the board reliably. Would love to hear from others.


Why do you hijack this thread with this? To confirm that there’s no problem with eMMC when using high clockspeeds? Which clockspeeds did you use? Do you know how to influence them?

What’s the purpose of posting instructions already posted?

Opps, sorry i got the wrong section of post. Dont worry i can delete this post.