Error RED LED / hardware defect?

Hello guys,

I tryed to set up my Banana Pi M64 with OS with Ubuntu…also tried different SD Cards…always the same problem:

  • green LED glows without a break

  • the red LED next to it is flashing twice. like “bep bep”

  • the other red LED next to the power DC supply glows without a break as well.

Could anyone tell me, if this pattern means a hardware failure? Is thre anything I can do? I´m grateful for any advices etc.

Thannks a lot!

Anni !




Hi Annika
My first question is the power supply sufficient? (min 5V / 2A)
When downloading Ubuntu, has it been unpacked and then written to the SD card with the Win32DiskImager or Etcher?

Hi Wolfgang,

thank you for the fast reply. :slight_smile:

The power supply is sufficient ( 5V / 2V DC) and I wrote the image with Win32DiskImager to the SD.

I have no idea what the problem could be :-/

Where did you download the img from? Did you unpack it too?

I unpacked the zip file and “burned” the image to the SD. I downloaded the image from

Thank you…vielen Dank! :slight_smile:


Do you have any further ideas, what the problem could be? Do you think its a hardware error or defect? :frowning: Thanks of your patient and support!


Things you should double check and redo:

  1. Ty with new PSU, try with 5V 2.5V or try without keyboard/mouse attached
  2. Get a New SD CARD (trusted brand), burn again
  3. If you are using a USB SDHC reader/writer to burn SD CARD then try with another one. Sometimes you have a good SD CARD but a bad USB sd reader/writer and the final result is poorly written data to SD CARD.

Long time ago i have been told to never test boards on/over anti-static plastic bag. I don’t know if he was joking or not.