Does the M3 support 1-Wire tecnologie?

My Question is easy does any Linux Destribution of the M3 Support the 1-Wire Tecnologie. I Activated it BSP but if i want to connect an 1 wire sensor it isn’t shown!

I also tested, is there any w1 module installed and the answer was no!

So how can I install the module / drivers in my System? Does one of the Linux dest. support 1 wire by default? And what i have to config in bsp to activate it only the w1_para or is there more to config?

this maybe help you.

we also have do this module, but not use BPI-M3, but all maybe easy to control.

BPI-GSM module:

photocell: measuring the current light luminance; high precision temperature&humidity sensor: measure current temperature and relative humidity GSM module: can be used to make phone call, text,2G connectivity,GPS positioning. Developed on Arduino, with the main chip:2560,communicate with Arduino using AT command,and powered by battery.

You need 3 modules to try out with modprobe: w1-sunxi, w1-gpio and w1-therm. Don’t know whether they include these in the kernel since they ignored all help offerings in the past.

Hy i found the Drivers but how can I copy the Compiled BSP Kernel to the Image?

Thanks yes this did help a little bit, but there is an other solution i think. The 1-wire driver is in the builded bsp but not on the normal image. So how i can copy the Kernel of the bsp to the Kernal of the image? and make it runable?

For whatever reasons SinoVoip refuses to provide user friendly OS images. They still rely on Allwinner’s BSP and add useful additions (being able to use script.bin for example) only after waiting months or maybe even years.

You have to look in their BSP and then overwrite specific sections of the image with dd as outlined there and then copy the new modules below /lib/modules on the 2nd partition of their OS images.

Maybe this has improved in the meantime but I doubt it. Why don’t you ask them to provide an OS image that has 1wire support out of the box? Why do you even think about using the only SBC in the world where 1-Wire isn’t useable?