Does PWM1 Exist?

The docs show a PWM1 on CON2-P07 / PA6 for the M2 Zero, but the H2+ and H3 datasheet show only a PWM0 on the UART0_RX pin / PA5.

I can’t find anything about configuring PWM1, and the only reference I’ve seen to it is the BPi-M2 docs.

So, are the docs wrong? Datasheet wrong? If not, how is PWM1 configured?

Haven’t heard anything; but from playing around, looking into the BPi gpio library, and a few device trees, I think PWM1 doesn’t exist on the H2+ version of the M2Zero, there is probably only PWM0 on UART0 RX.

It might exist on the new H3 version of the M2Zero, but sadly all of my M2Z’s are the H2+ variant.

H3 is identical to H2+ in this concern.