Does Bluetooth LE work on the M2 Zero?


Has anyone seen any image working with BT/BLE? (not just “seen”, but actually tried to scan for and connect to bt devices with bluetoothctl :slight_smile: )

I would like to use BLE on the BPI-M2 Zero, however, none of the images that I’ve tried and claim that they are bluetooth-capable work actually. Bluetoothctl does not show any devices after turning scanning on and says that there is no adapter present. I’ve tried running bpi-bt-on, but it fails and just tells me to check the log file. The only thing I see there is that not even the first hci_reset command could be sent successfully.

Thanks! IM

Hello, BPI-Zero can work with BT by using bluetoothctl , but if you want to use BLE, you need use hcitool, I tried BLE before, I feel sorry it could search devices, but could not connect now.