Do u know what is madness? Change resolution

Do you know what madness is? it is the repetition of the same action in the hope of improving. I tried to change my resolution. What i did: Installed 4 different build (original ubuntu, old ubuntu, armbian-debian, armbian-ubuntu) I tried Xrandr commands about 17 times I tried this tutorial 6 times [how to]the final solution of compulsive modification of HDMI output resolution I tried A10_Display I tried edit UEnv.txt 5 times I tried modify kernel NOTHING helped. Absolutely 0 result I spent SOOOOO much time for a few clicks operation. I have no idea how someone can operate this if changing resolution takes so long. Or probably i am just a linux noob that learned nothing for 7 years of use. Sure. I see that no one answering same threads. So i want to say: 1.Let it lie heavy on seller consciences. 2.Why no one cares?

This is not x86 Linux but ARM Linux. You basically need to construct new kernel for new board/chip family.

We @armbian and @linux-sunxi spent several months of our personal time to come out with a modern kernel that is (almost?) stable and now also supports simple video output. It will take another few months to solve minor issues like this one and switch to a proper DRM video driver … which is already working but have rough edges.

How do you call when you spent a month, a year or a decade solving our common problems? Just for fun while fun doesn’t come very often.

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