Distribution which Doesn't use DBUS for wpa_supplicant?

Is there a BPI-M2 Zero distribution that doesn’t use DBUS for wpa_supplicant? I have a weird networking config, and I think that NetworkManager is getting in my way. I have no idea how to navigate around NetworkManager (when I turn it off, wpa_supplicant doesn’t work at all), so I think I need a distribution that doesn’t use DBUS and/or NetworkManager at all.

Why would you need another distribution? Just change / remove Network manager … similar to this way: https://www.configserverfirewall.com/ubuntu-linux/ubuntu-network-manager/

I understand your pain. Maybe OpenWrt is what you are looking for?


OpenWrt uses it’s own, much smaller, much more simple message bus system called ubus.

I’d love to give it a try, but it doesn’t list the BPI-M2 Zero as an option (though other m2-based ones are listed). I’ve tried an M2Plus image and the Zero wouldn’t take it. Is there a specific image from that list you would suggest, or a way to convert an image to a Zero-compatible one?

Its in the Armbian build system, so you can build one. And customize to your needs.