Disabling as much thing as possible (bluetooth , wifi, UART,...)

any idea on how to disable as much module as possible to reduce power consumption ?

I wish to disable everything but usb, sata and Lan

so I wish to disable bluetooth , wifi , uart, video out, and everything else.

Thank you to help me reducing my power consumption on the M3 board.

  1. Disable the modules in sys_config.fex or disable its kernel config.
  2. Disable the dcdc/ldo which is not used but always on.
  3. dvfs and thermal configuration optimization.

I run ubuntu 16.04, where should I go to disable all this ? is there any manual ?


look with lsmod if modules involved in these devices and then blacklist these. If no modules are involved the driver may be builtin.

In case of uart,i guess it does not consume much power (uses available 5v/3v3 and only takes current if device connected). But you can disable it in dts (kernel recompile+install needed).