Default gpio pin mode on a Bpi-m2-zero with Raspbian Jessie


I’ve flashed a Bpi-m2-zero with Raspbian Jessie, installed both wiringpi and RPI.GPIO and I can control GPIO pins using python or using the console (ex. gpio write 5 0). I’m trying now to change the default PIN states on boot. I’ve tried using: gpio=0=ip,pd , gpio=2=op,dl ,gpio=5=ip,up on /boot/config.txt without luck.

Does anyone know how to do it?

This is the current default state of the GPIOs -> . I need to change it to this ->

OS Image -> Raspbian Jessie

Perhaps rather try using software from this century?

Support on the same level: none / Hint - all H2/H3 boards share most of problems.

Thank you for the suggestions. Will be flashing armbian. Any idea on how to change the default GPIO states on boot? still not finding it.