Creating a wireless access point and installing Plex Media Server

I am really new to these boards and Linux so struggling a bit but keen to learn. I am using a Banana Pi R1 with a 1Tb hard drive and Edimax EW-7811UN USB adaptor which I believe has a compatible chip set (rtl8192cu). I have downloaded and installed Armbian Jessie and updated to 4.6.3. I now want to set up a wireless access point but struggling to know which guide to use. All I need are for devices (Nexus 7 tablets) to be able to connect to the access point. It will require DHCP but no bridge as I don’t want to connect to the internet via the ethernet connection. I understand that I need to edit the etc/network/interfaces file but don’t know how to do this from the command line in Console. Can anyone describe step by step instructions how to set up and configure a wireless access point on this board please Fozzie

Anyone Please. I would really like to get this working but need some help please

I did installed fixed version of hostapd with fixed wireless chip driver: