Cpu very fast getting hot

Cpu is very fast getting hot. I used copper heatsink but it does not help. Frequency is bumping down very fast from 1200mhz to 912 nad then 648 Mhz. Singe board is very small and the heat has nowhere to escape.

Well known problem and applies to other 2 H3 devices we tested too (NanoPi M1 and Beelink X2 also get very hot). I would strongly recommend updating your THS settings and allow downclocking to 240MHz on BPi M2+


Thank tou very much for intresting but.:

  1. i user super bomb of heatsinks - 2 copper flat
    then i put 8 very small iron one by one They are high 1,5 cm
  2. i bought case 3 i drill in case hole and made a fun - fun is connecting to the GPIO 5 V power 2 bolc 4, now i have big heatsink with fun full speed. 4.2 i bought a new power supplier 3A for fun ( i find trubble to start it on 2A )

H3 1.2 GHZ yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees…

Banana M2+ is the stupiest SBC i ever bought

thank for Tkaiser forum armbian. Very useful info from about H3 CPU good job bravo

Radek Poland