CPU heatsink solutions: Mine, and what is yours?

My kit came with pads and a heatsink with fan. Anyone use it? I am debating using the kit version, or a custom version…

That’s basically all I use now. I originally went with a nice fan, but discovered the Filogic 830 on this board produces half the heat of the earlier 7622 of the BPI-R64.

I would, however, suggest proper thermal pads. Almost all adhesive heatsink pads are about as good at thermal conducting as double-sided foam sticky tape. By that I mean they are basically blankets. Finding good adhesive thermal pads can be a pain. The pad I showed a photo of above (NAB NB Supermax 15W) is quite good and reasonably priced. The only drawback is that it’s not quite as adhesive, though that can be a good thing too.

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