CPU heatsink solutions: Mine, and what is yours?

I am curious what people’s heatsink solutions are. Neither the R2 or R64 have any heatsink mounting holes, and I have never found a self-sticking thermal pad/glue that is actually thermal-conductive enough to be be worth it.

For the R2/R64, I have recently started using this:

The pad is completely non-sticking, so I glue one small corner of it to the CPU with super glue, then do the same thing with one corner of the heatsink. Just so it’s not flopping around. Then I use the spring between the top of the heatsink and the case to push the whole thing down.

It’s still ungainly, but it has really good performance.

I’m curious as to what other people’s solutions are.

EDIT: Also, has anyone found good heatsinks to fit the R3’s 43mm holes?

I run the R64 without heatsink, only a bit larger plastic box then the original. I have used it to build a kernel on both cores many many times (45 minutes I believe), even until the sdcard (high endurance) was worn out. Max temperature is regulated at 87 degrees, if it even gets there…Usually when the frequency drops 1 step below maximum, it is already enough to maintain the temperature (at 87 degrees celcius)

After the sdcard crash however, I’ve started building on rk3588, with a kingston NV2 2TB nvme drive (pcie3.0 4 lanes) But this is because of SD versus NVME mainly.

My main R2 is using cheap small heatsinks for each chip and running ~ 56°C (in my birchwood case without fan). My spare r2 have no heatsinks but does run only max 1h. R64, r2pro and r3 v1.0 have also no heatsinks as they are only for testing like spare-r2 but without case (only in the paper bpi box as dust cover). My new r3 is has a big heatsink over all chips (60x100 cutted to 80 and drilled holes in for mounting) i have put it into the bpi metal case which finally arrives but this has no ventilation holes and no fan mounting holes,have not yet measured temperature here as it was open till last 2 days.

I have a north bridge heatsink/fan on order for my R3. These are 43mm. It won’t cover the 7975s though. Just the CPU and RAM. My plan had been to use the self-sticking thermal pads I don’t like for the 7975s. But I may instead custom drill a heatsink like you did to cover them all.

I found this (similar to one another user posted),but it uses 12v fan which needs soldering:


Page not found… (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33020806051.html)


I will add images instead of a link, see below, in case the new URL will also go down again…



That happens at Ali Express all the time as vendors come and go. Here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33020798113.html

EDIT: There are a couple in this listing that look good too. Don’t have one yet, though. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001133383805.html

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