Copy to EMMC in BPI P2 Zero with Armbian

Hello everyone,

As I did at the time with a bpi p2 zero and rasbian, I have tried to transfer the image from the SD to the EMMC in a bpi p2 zero with armbian.

The problem I’m running into is that now the EMMC is identified as mmcblk2 instead of mmcblk1 and the bpi-copy command doesn’t work.

I have looked with GPARTED, and currently the EMMC has a partition made in FAT32.

Can someone help me transfer armbian to EMMC?

Thank you very much

Add a profile to official Armbian then proceed standard way

Thank you very much for the information.

I followed the steps, and apparently the information has been copied to the EMMC but I can’t get it to boot from there.

Following the thread, I understand that I must enter the commands:

then cp /boot/script.bin /boot/script.bak (for safety)

  • then “bin2fex /boot/script.bin /tmp/script.fex” (or to another directory e.g. /root …) - then Change sdc_detmode from 3 to 1 in the script.fex
  • then “fex2bin /tmp/script.fex /boot/script.bin”
  • then boot systen with e.g. reboot

But in my bpi p2 zero I haven’t the file script.bin imagen

What can I do?


Follow one instructions, those which I gave you.

Hello Igor,

Thanks for helping me. I am not sure if the first link you sent me is ok (new profile), because when I go there I find 2 additional links and I don’t understand which steps I must follow.

Could you explain me that please?