Convert a Banana PI M1 install

I probably made the mistake to replace a defect Banapi M1 with a M2. The Bananian Debian will not boot on that platform.

How are the current chances that the will be a Bananian release supporting the M2 platform?

Thanks, Tom

If you want to use it as server or for writing letter and so on it’s ok and it’s not too difficult to create an image for that. But if you want to use gpio or hardware rendering, then you are lost.

thanks, running a server is what I do, and what I want to do on the new platform. But there is no Bananian out there for the M2 platform. Will this change likely?

Well Bananian is based on Debian. So why not try the debian image instead? There also lots of operating systems to choose from, for example Ubuntu. They have a graphical interface but the command line can be accessed easily.

For Ubuntu you will need to install ssh to ssh to your BPI.