Clone MAC in LEDE

Like my last topic BPI-R2 Ethernet MAC address The network could not work after I change it’s MAC. That problem just happen when you clone your MAC in wan@eth1.

For example: your device’s MAC is 00:11:22:33:44:55. Then you use ifconfig wan hw ether 00:11:22:33:44:55 or type it in Override MAC address, Luci. After you restart the network and plug in your device. It dead fully. (It boom sakalaka :joy:)

After I saw the picture sent by garywang I think the reason is wan and lan are all in same switch. Although they are under different interfaces(wan@eth1 and lan*@eth0).

Maybe when Vlan support is done it will be fixed. I am waiting for it. Clone MAC is very useful in daily life

does the clone mac mean using the same between LAN and WAN ? and also what do you mean “dead fully” here?

I guessed that even though you have VLAN support, the VLAN still uses the same mac as the real LAN device has. you should still have the problem.

for info. about VLAN support on bpi-2, you can follow up the thread Vlan-support backporting to 4.14 @frank-w and @xbgmsharp have done more tested based on 4.14 tree.

Yes, you’re right. Same MAC address for both WAN and br-lan will cause switch chip to be unstable, to fix this, (802.11QVLAN) is required.

I used the pre-up ip link set $IFACE address to force a MAC on eth0 and wan. All lan have the same MAC but all in the bridge br0. ap0 is add into the bridge ap0.