Changing initial startup logo in BPI-M2 ZERO

I am working on BPI M2 ZERO and I have raspbian os installed on it . How can I change the bpi logo on startup and how can I remove the os loading lines and get a blank screen instead .

you can see here , same way to change :

With Armbian:

Hi, can you post a link to the raspbian image you used? I have been struggling to get it going and it is something I prefer to use.

Thanks in advance

If you want boot logo, you will need to follow hint or continue to strouggle on your own.

Thanks Yasha, if you are looking to boot logo it, then maybe check out the raspi forums, as it seems Igor is so content on making us all use Armbian. Which is not what you asked for.

2020-04-10-* images is base on kernel 4.4 bsp, so follow this guide and build with kernel 4.4 bsp code

Perhaps neither you neither Yaska have any clue about the question while I am giving you a working solution. On ARM single board computers and especially on Bananas you don’t have the luxury of switching Linux distributions.

BTW. Raspian is consumer level operating system that works only on Rpi. Other “Raspbians” only looks like Raspbian and are for marketing reasons, while no low level function works. Boot logo is low level function and nobody on Raspberry Pi forum will be helping you for Raspbian for anything else. They can’t and also have absolutely no desire.

P.S. “Jessie” is unsupported / EOL version of Debian. Also private kernel 4.4.y nobody supports. Now asks yourself again why I am telling you to use Armbian.

while I appreciate that armbian is best and there are not many options here. I feel like you should put that into a new thread and stop telling us about the benefits of armbian if we do not ask for them. this is our SBC and we will do what we like with them. now back off Igor

If someone is off topic, then you are. I provided working boot logo solution, which we have invested a lot time into. Now, use it or …