Case for Banana Pi BPi-R1 Router + 2.5 HDD 7mm 9,5mm 12mm 15mm

Case for Banana Pi BPi-R1 Router + 2.5 HDD 7mm 9,5mm 12mm 15mm Before you start, read the description. I recommend a look at my design Free Banana NAS Server link to the Photo Shoot

===Day 25/03/2015 has been added to the new version of the housing with an alternative design. The choice is yours.===

Housing BPI-R1 router capable of accommodating the drive hdd.

I recommend a look at Tutorial BPi-R1 written by Reto Ros:

I recommend printing 3d BPI_R1_Banana_Pi_Router_Main_support.stl file contains already drawn into the support. Turn off the automatic generation of support.

Does not require machining after printing. It should match the pcb.

From the bottom of the enclosure is provided with a hole for mounting the disk. See on one of the product images.

To assemble the required:

4 screws (2x10 or 3x10 or 2,5x10 or 3x12) 1 screw for attaching the drive Screwdriver If you choose the lid screwed, not a push is also required:

Drill 3-4mm You should drill the mounting holes in the BPI_R1_Banana_Pi_Router_Main. To be able to tighten the screws on the bottom.

When choosing a push cover, do not drill a anything. You should print out and use Mounting_adapters_for_screw. The size depends on the type of adapter screws we want to use.

When printing, the cabinet may skew of 0.5 mm or 1 mm. In this case, use the lid of the shift:

Cover_with_shift_0_5_mm.stl Cover_with_shift_1_0_mm.stl The lid can also be used with the rib to improve the aesthetic cover_with_embossing.stl

Remember that the lid and the base case were always different colors. It looks a lot better then.

Housing anti-slip mat glued router down locations of the screws. Trimming Mat:

Good luck. If I have to change something, write in the commentaries

download link:

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