Can we update raspberrypi-kernel?

I’m using Today raspbian asked to update raspberrypi-kernel, raspberrypi-bootloader and other raspberry-related libraries. Does anyone update bpi-m2u to latest raspberrypi-kernel?

What could possibly go wrong?! :joy:

That kernel may not be compatible with bpi_m2u.

That was exactly what I was talking about! Didn’t you spot the link above in my answer? From time to time they provide OS images where they ‘forgot’ to delete apt sources and the next time you do an ‘apt-get upgrade / reboot’ you bricked your board.

Thanks. I use bpi as a home server. However it’s not a good choice for that. Not to say the performance is limited, the support is very poor. I should have bought a mini PC. The cheapest model costs about 100 dollar. It provides 1000M Ethernet, USB 3.0. Above all, most popular OS can be run on it.