Can BPI work in a Pi-Top?

Has anyone used a Banana Pi in a Pi-top? The Pi-top laptop kit is based around a Raspberry Pi 2 but is supposed to work with other SBCs too. I am interested especially in learning if a BPI-M3 would work in a Pi-top laptop.

I would say no. I don’t think M3 has extensive support for 3rd party external displays.(HDMI works for 3rd party displays) And the OS probably isn’t compatible, but you can use one from the downloads page.

Thanks @projectbananapi for your response. I am still hopeful, since someone from the Pi-Top project posted on reddit that the Pi-Top doesn’t require using their OS, and the display uses HDMI which is standard. I am not really in the market for either product at this time but I hope if someone else tries out the combination they may post here with their results.