Can Banana Pi M2 Zero do graphics chip supported DPI over GPIO?

Like i said I ordered a board for a retro gaming project… But as im doing research im struggling to find useful display options…

I dont want to have to use a HDMI decoder. Not only will this take up loads of space, it will also consume more power… I plan to have this running on battery.

My plan was to do DPI or DSI over GPIO…

But can the bananapi do it?

I know Rasberry Pis can

So if it can do DPI over gpio is that still graphics chip driven so I get full acceleration working into the display?

For those that might be confused. DPI is Digital Parallel Interface. This is the common driver for most LCD panels.

Typically the r g and b bits are split and synced via H and V sync lines.

Typical RGB types are RGB444 RGB565 RGB666 and RGB888

Rasberry call it Parallel display interface for some reason…

Anyway, can The banana Pis 40 gpio pins be setup to do this as well?