Camera for BP M1 with very low quality

Hello, I’m trying to use camera module ov5640 with my BP M1. Unfortunately there is very low quality of images. E.g.: The highest resolution I can get is 1600x1200. When I tried to grab 1920x1440 frame, the image created was 1920x1080 and whole green. While the resolution is not a problem, I don’t need higher, the quality is really too low. I’m using Bananian 16.04 and used mplayer and OpenCV 3.1.0 to watch the image. Anyone have an idea how to improve the quality?

Btw. while running the application, I’ve got strange errors (not writable to a file by using > or &>):!Ase6XOwau5qjiV-F9smRjvtg2iw_