Camera board BPI M3 camera module does not work - modprobe sun4i_csi0 give fatal error

Hi guys

I have BPI M3 and bought lemaker camera module a few days ago. I followed steps line by line from lemaker’s tutorial

I am using Raspbian os

sudo modprobe ov5460 , its okay

sudo modprobe sun4i_csi or csi0, give an error and i didn’t understand, i am looking error couldn’t find any thing

I could not find the tutorial for bpi m3 camera module tutorial except android os and try this for raspbian but not work properly . I think this error is due to the 8 processor i have, my machine sun8i, maybe i am wrong i don’t know

Anyway, I hope you guys can help me.

Thank you

this is camera for BPI-M3:

we not test lemaker camera on BPI-M3, but our R&D will check it later.

Hi, I’m trying to use the banana pi camera module in raspbian jessie but it gives me the following error:

  • failed to open vchiq instance

Anyone know how to fix it ??

Your driver is Wrong, You used va-driver-all. This is the driver for GPU of Raspberry Pi.

Solution : Install the driver of BanaPi or Use Version Desktop. In desktop Version the drivers is already installed.