Buying Pi for the first time. What I need?

Hello !

I am new in this forum and new into single board computers. I am about to buy Banana Pi M3 and I am wondering if I need anything else to buy, I saw that it is plug and play + ofc software needed on sd card but besides board and sd card anything else? Like must have things that doesn’t come in the box. I will create server with that if maybe that helps picking components.

Thank you !

You need a solder iron if you want to try the M3 Best Power Cable and or maybe a board with suitable software support (!= M3).

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Useful information ! Thank you Dragan. Alright soldering won’t be problem because I have it at home.

Great, so in case you’re running into freezes/shutdowns you know what to do.

But again: Take your time, read through the forum to get an idea what to expect regarding software and support, how specs and reality differ regarding the M3 and why you thought about considering something called Banana (maybe compatibility with the original Bananas? If that’s the case you’re lost, the M3 is totally incompatible and OS images for it are way behind)

Because you are new to SBC I recommend you with something that has a good, established community and software

Banana Pi M1 Banana Pi M1+

The A20 is not as powerful but not bad.


That makes sense yep ! I just don’t have any idea what specs I need for small web server. Maybe would raspberry be enough or Banana Pi M1 ?

A20 comes with SATA - so you can attach a harddisk | separate Ethernet

RPi 2, everything has to go through the USB Chip, HDD & Ethernet - slows down everything.

Google: banana pi vs raspberry pi 2

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Stuff is a bit clearer now yep. M1 + will handle it I guess and price is much better too. Later, after some time M3 will prob. get better community too and if I will need more power will get it. Thank you all for info !

This is very unlikely to happen. The A83T CPU used on the M3 is a typical product for the chinese tablet market where numbers (without any meaning) sell. People think 8 CPU cores are better than 4 or 2 since it’s a higher number. Same with 64 bit vs. 32 bit. Or the ‘I need 2GB or even better 4 GB RAM’ problem

Only people without any clues think this way. And so the boards built with these chips have the same target audience (clueless people that think ‘the bigger the better’). Every SBC listed here does a better job when it’s about ‘server stuff’. Even the cheap Orange Pi PC has way more I/O bandwidth (but only Fast Ethernet, for a web server still ok)

Software support for the M3 is still in its earliest stages, the linux-sunxi community that does the real work isn’t that interested in these boards (hey, octa-core… just boooooring) and since the target audience of these boards is clueless the next board that will be released will be based on A64 or H64 (Banana Pi M4) since 64 bit is ‘better’ than 32 bit (not true at all but how to explain that to clueless people? Don’t explain, just sell them new crappy boards and stop supporting the already existing ones)

Sad. I just bought a Banana Pi-M3.