Build Livesuit Image for BPI-M3 to burn via phoneixsuit

I planed to port bpi-m3 bsp to a common A83T board. But after the building procedure, i got several seperated images that need to be "dd” to SD Card. You know sometimes errors may occur. I made twise of mistake in using dd, for the first time i clear the first MegaByte of my real Hard Disk, for the second time i dd a fex file to my real Hard Disk! What a disaster! I can’t bear suffering any more! Even the technical guy in this forum posted that if you need we can get help from allwinner… Please just don’t take it serious, it’s only a joke.

what we need is a livesuit image that can be burn into emmc via phoenixsuit! OKay, Time for us to do something!

So, just begin our modify to the so call BPI-M3 BSP, to make it better, to stop this pain.

It seems that no one was interested in this artical. So, i am not gonna to wirte it in chinese again. Sorry about that. And i have already finished the porting of BPI M3 BSP, with Ubuntu Mate 15.10 and get rid of the berryboot and Squashfs(read only), installed the whole ubuntu rootfs in an ext4 partition to make it support read/write operation to the rootfs. Just like an android image so that we can burn it into eMMC via Phoenixsuit. Thanks to the xserverxxxxxx.deb, the GPU runs well in Ubuntu mate. Thanks BPI Forum.

Quite the opposite. I referenced it an hour ago: BPI-M3 new image:bpi-m3 Ubuntu 16.04 Beta Mate

Thx for the insights, I’m even interested in further modifications you made (since I’m not that interested in the M3 but LiveSuit images in general for different boards). You should keep in mind that not that much people with knowledge are here in the forums so it’s quite normal to get no feedback when posting more advanced stuff. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your encourage.

Hi @laohuang112, @tkaiser, i`m interested in your posts, i´m searching for a stable Image! but my english is sooo bad, to translate your " advanced stuff " is impossible to me.

Great!!! I try to refer Allwinner Android build script and makefile, I suddenly found you’ve done quite well, thanks for your sharing ~