Build custom image

Hi everyone,

Exist any member in this forum that can explain me how can I build my own custom Debian (or any Linux distribution) distribution for the BPI-M3? I tried a lot of kind of things but I never get an image who works. I need a lite and clean Linux, only with a few of packages that I need.

Months ago I was using a lite debian image who I downloaded from this forum but with the new BPI-M3 it is not recognize the new eMMC. I used bpi-tools to update but didn’t work, it breaks with kernel panic error.

Thank you.

Hello, Here are the steps for making an image:

for emmc, you could find solution here :slight_smile:

I use how to update image to support new emmc as an example.

Not sure about new eMMC, don’t have it, try:

If it works, with this: with EXPERT=“yes” you get access to unofficially supported configurations.

you can build your custom image.

Hi Jackzeng,

Thank you but I couldn’t make a simple image, I’m try it with bsp but never works. Yes, to update image to support new emmc works fine but it doesn’t exist a simple image to download, therefore I’m trying to make one.

Hi igorpec,

Thank you, I tested this Armbian image but doesn’t work fine to me, I have problems with the network, the emmc and the realtime privileges (and other things that I don’t use it). I’ll work on them with the unofficially configurations.

Surely there are problems and shortcomings but this is the best what exists with a modern kernel. I didn’t notice network problems and my eMMC works. I am not familiar with stock Allwinner BSP kernel state and compilation for this board. K3.4.y is too old to waste time with.

At least we have a stable and supported build environment to start with.

Which you have share about build coustom image a good one I share a link where I want to start up online website is it good for my website.