Brand new M3 dead on arrival?

Just unboxed this, attached usb kbd, hdmi, eth and an sdcard from my older working raspi.

Powered by external 2A PSU, and an micro USB cable also connected to my PC.

Nothing happens, except Red led lightens up. Tried to press the buttons all and I can shut it down from power, and back up, but that’s it.

Can’t be this hard?

All right, that is not compatibe. Writing bananian to the card…

Nope. It still does not do anything. Latest Bananian.

Got it up and running fine now on raspbian lite image.

just wondering how did you get it to work? I’m using a reliable 5v 2.4amp JBL microUSB charger yet once it boots it shows the BananaPi logo then it reboots… I’m using the 2016-07-13-raspbian-jessie-bpi-m3.img , and have used the 2016-07-12-raspbian-lite-bpi-m3.img only to end up with the same reboot issue!

Need correct operating system on SD card B4 you see other LED lights…