BpiM2U hangs when connected to external hard drive

BpiM2U hangs when connected to external hard drive. Is this due to software issue (currently testing with debian jessie) or power related?( Using 5V 2A power adaptor as recommended. ).

Hi If you have an old hard drive, then it should have 2.5 amperes

I am using Toshiba Canvio Basics 1 TB black: HDTB310EK3AA model external usb hard drive. Same is working with my rpi usb 2.0 port. But not in bpi m2u usb 2.0 port. Below is the device configuration descriptor. Bus 001 Device 005: ID 0480:a202 Toshiba America Inc Canvio Basics HDD MaxPower 500mA

Have you looked under fdisk -l whether it exists?

And mount -a?

No. It goes down completely after connecting the drive. not able to get any output.

Try adding a USB hub with its own additional power supply. You are browning out the motherboard with an overload. So it shuts down for a reset.

Max power at 500ma may not be true.

It may be that the BPi boards have current limiting devices which the Raspberry Pi boards omited.

RPi engineering of power has been rather simple.