BPi specific changes made to Allwinner Android 6

The Allwinner reference source for Android v6 is in this file: http://files.pine64.org/os/sdk/A64-ver2.0/A64-Android-6.0-SDK.zip That contains all of the repo files so git tracking works.

Can you generate a repo diff of the BPI specific changes you made to the Allwinner master source? It should not be a large file maybe only a couple hundred KB.

I’m specifically looking for what you did to get Bluetooth working. I have wifi running in my A7 port, but I can’t get the BT working.

The goal here is to get the M64 directly supported in the ayufan’s various ports of a7, a7-tv, a7.1, etc.

You don’t need to download that file, you can just generate a diff between a public Allwinner tag and your changes. That’s enough for me to see what you did.

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