Bpi rgb&lcd1602


I bought the BPI RGB&1602 Module, even though I’m using a RPi it seems to be working fine but I want to use Python for my project instead of C, using wiringpi.

I was able to get the LED working just fine, but I’m yet to get the LCD working correctly I’m currently using the RPLCD Python Library seems to be the best one for this but it seems that it can’t write text to the screen.

The issue was placed on github but haven’t got a answer The cursor moves just fine the type of cursor also works fine and some other commands also work, just the text.

When I write the text the cursor moves to the corresponding place as the text was written but nothing appears on the screen besides the cursor

I’ve tried other charmap A00, A02 and the latest ST0B

Has anyone have an idea how to get this to work? It does not need to be with this library

Best regards