BPI-R64, issue with Quectel EP06

When attaching quectel ep06e modem to cn8 slot, it doesn’t detect anymore in openwrt (snapshot build), not in windows. Seems I fried two modems in r64 board. But when I attach wifi module to that cn8 port, it detects and works correctly. So, is it hardware or software issue? Now I have two bricked modems after bananapi board.

Can it be that the current required by the modem could not be supplied by the board which lead to lower voltage/brown-out of VCC (as that could explain the result)?

How much power do those modems require?

Supply Voltage Range 3.1–4.4 V, typ. 3.3 V

As two modems stopped working after putting them to r64, I think about hardware issue, but I don’t know how to check. Wifi module I checked doesn’t use all pins on mpcie slot, maybe this is the reason why it survives

In r64 schematic (page 10,section 12) there are pins 46-49 maybe higher than 3v3 (5v + resistor)

Does your card use these pins?

yes. It uses these pins. https://ds-blobs-3.cdn.devapps.ru/20204061/Quectel_EP06_Hardware_Design_V1.2.pdf but I have quite popular modem and I don’t see any notices about incompatibility with bananapi

i cannot access the file, seems it needs forum login, can you upload it to gdrive or similar?

does it expect 3v3 on these pins? or on which is a delta to the ~5V?

As I understand, these pins use 1.5-1.8v

@sinovoip any suggestion about this?

46 is defined as 1V8 powerdomain (LED_WPAN# ANTCTL3* DO Tunable antenna control)

47+49 are defined as PCM_DOUT/DIN (see no voltage)

48 1V5 but not connected

i guess problem here is pin 46