[bpi-r4] nvme+i2c

Now those two resistors are not installed by default in newer batches:

Just got the R4. Are you talking about these resistors? Please inform, how to “tape” or cover them? I plan to use an nvme and fiber ports at the same time.

See first post of this topic which shows pin location…just cover them with a tape

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people seem to talk about only SFP ports not working, but when i plug in an SSD, then i see zero output on the serial console.

i remember seeing some change on the leds eventually. is the serial port also brought down by the i2c bus? that would explain.

i put tape on the two (tiny!) legs of my SSD as suggested above, and the board booted, serial port and the SSD both works.

i’ll read a bit more about those two resistors, and i’ll maybe desolder them. IIUC that would make the taping unnecessary, right?

Yes, desolder these 2 resistors solves the issue too and taping is no more necessary. Future version do not have these resistors.

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When will we be able to buy a R4 without those resistors? What’s the best shop to get the most updated hardware revisions, sinovoip on aliexpress?sino

I’m afraid this could be very difficult!

To reprogram a pick and place not to take this two resistors is easy made. But for a new version print (1.2) you will need a new mask.

Here the command of banana pi:

This is why I think there will never be a 1.2 … (hope for it never dies)

But even the Version 1.1 will be changed to 1.2 you will probably not see it, because the pictures of vendors look often not self made.

So, the boards should be already available!?

Anyway, ask the distributor!

Just recieved my copies #2 and #3 and both still have those resistors.

But it doesn’t seem that complicated to cover those pins with tape - just did it myself. Therefore for all those in the future who want to use the m.2 for SSD or a third PCIe-device (via adapter like my third Wi-Fi-card), just give it a try and use a thin paper tape (like from post-it’s).

What are the 4th digit from the left on the barcode sticker on your #2 and #3 ?

The 4th digit from left is ‘3’ for both.

Same as mine. I guest a great number still. :slight_smile: