BPI-R4 case is comming

size: 160x105x42mm


Is there a thermal pad between the wifi card and the case for passive cooling? It can get quite hot

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Looking good. Especially that Simon sticker :wink::+1:

Are there no holes on the top for using a fan on the CPU?

And what is that power connector on the left used for?

There is about 2mm space between the WiFi chips and the casing. We will add three thermals .

The casing is now about 50 degrees Celsius, and will be more tested in later.


We have two kinds of heat sinks, one is without a fan as shown in the picture, and the other is a custom-made with a fan.

The sample will not be available until next week. Then we will see whether needed the holes or not.

This is an extension cord for the console, so I don’t have to open the case

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would it make sense to somehow attach the heatsink to the case? i have seen such builds on fan-less systems. the reason behind is to give the heatsinks the possibility to “move” the heat away. not sure if thats required at all with this cpu :slight_smile:

The upper cover is installed using slide rails, it is not easy to attach to the case, But the Wi-FI NIC chip at the bottom is used this way.

If use the 38x38x10mm heatsinks shown in the picture, the CPU temperature will be a little hot, but it is acceptable to me.

would be awesome to have some benchmarks with a closed case + your heatsink + sfp+ attached + sfp-to-rj45 added (means eth1 and eth2 in use). Because later ones get really hot. I had some packet loss and disconnects when i used the sfp-to-rj45-adapter without active fan. Hope that wont happen with your enclosing. Really excited to see this in action :slight_smile:

Even without the heatsink attached to the case it looks like there is space for a heatsink twice as big. Is this something you consider if the cpu is running a little hot?

Which screw size does this case use for mounting the board? M3 or M2.5?

Because I measured the mounting holes in the board and they are just 3mm or a little less in diameter. Which is not enough for a M3 screw, which has 3mm diameter, so the hole needs to be a little bigger than 3mm for it to fit through.

I have not ordered the mounting screws yet, but was planning to buy M2.5. Can anyone confirm, that this is the correct size? Would be the same as raspberry pi, but also similarly uncommon. Most other boards use M3 as far as I know.

I have no issues with m3 hexagonal spacer/screws i bought from aliexpress (i have stacked the boards i have :slight_smile: )

I remember we did a test last year,without casing, the 113C SFP module could reach 90°C, but there was no packet loss after 24 hours of testing.

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The custom heat sink is a little larger than this, and it has a fan, but you can turn off the fan if you don’t like it.

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This case uses M2.5 screws, but the hole diameter of the PCB is 3MM.

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