[BPI-R3 Mini] 100Mbps link problem

Hi guys,

yesterday I was trying to install my BPI-R3-Mini in production but I experienced an issue when directly attach a Gigaset A510 IP base station.

This client is only 100Mbps, the link is successfully negotiated, but not traffic. Only way to make it works is to use a gigabit switch that will handle the 100Mbps link.

Anyone had same problem or it’s a known issue?

Thanks in advance

i’m not sure @ericwoud was able to fix this…

Should be ok in latest version, the one on net-next

Only with autoneg enabled that is.


Only full duplec

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Also the retries at 1000mbps should be better now.

What do you mean for latest version? I’ve installed snapshot 2600x still based on kernel 6.1 and this client directly connected doesn’t pass any traffic

For the moment I’ve got a cheap 1G switch and put between

EDIT: oh wait for net-next you mean 6.8 and other kernels?

The latest version of the patch-set, which was recently added to net-next.6.9-rc

Ok so I’ve understood well. For the moment I’m stuck on 6.1 with external switch, when R3 Mini is added to stable OpenWrt with 6.8/6.9 I’ll switch :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response, so also other one are aware of this issue.

Perhaps it will be backported…

Openwrt only uses lts kernel versions as there is much work porting patches. Last is 6.6 (6.8 and 6.9 are no lts…next is around 6.11) and maybe erics driver will be backported…afair currently it is also an earlier version of his version.