[BPi-R3-Mini] Cannot connect at 100M (autoneg off) with original bpi openwrt image

I am trying to connect to the R3-mini with speed 100M, but the link refuses to go up. 1000M and 2500M work fine.

@sinovoip Can you look in to this? Would also be advisable to have datasheet of the EN8811H available for mainlining the driver…

I adjusted the title a bit…

With autonegotion on (and only adjusting the advertisement on my 2500M adapter) it can connect.

Cannot connect at 100M with negotiation off, which is still a bug.

However, it would still be advisable to have the datasheet available, explaining the magic sequence of numbers that the driver sends to put it in a certain mode. If we know the codes to set the phy to sgmii, it would then be possible to lower the speed of the mac+phy, if connected at only 1000M or lower.