[BPI-R3] How to recover NOR from NAND/eMMC or vice versa?


in case something got messed up, like soft-bricking during package upgrades, what would be the recommended approach to restore from another storage?

Best Mike

i would leave the recovery-system on nand/nor and a full (image) backup e.g. on USB (as long as nvme is not accessable from uboot). you can write an image from any storage to emmc from uboot, but backup (writing the image) may need booting a linux-system (buildroot initrd inside kernel file which can be on usb too)

Same should be possible to backup nand/nor from sdcard/emmc. But have not got an image from mtd-device yet,maybe there are some differences as flash needs to be written differently.

You don’t need another storage device for that. If something goes wrong, you can always recover using the on-flash recovery image. This recovery system will start automatically should the production system be damaged or crashing. You can manually start it by holding down the WPS button during power-on (the RST button unfortunately doesn’t work on early versions of the board and is hence not used by OpenWrt and U-Boot).

I already burned the snapshot to NOR. Maybe my questions wasn’t precise enough. I was asking for guidance on how to downgrade. I could not find the downloads of the factory released 21.02. This post only links the snapshots: