BPI-R1 wont power up

Neither the A20 nor the BCM53125 power up. I returned to my office after the weekend and my R1 wasnt working any more, even though it was blinking as always. I guess the BCM53125 was working, as LAN traffic was fine. After power cycling only D7 (power led) turned on, no heartbeat.

So far i tested/tried: 3 different sdcards (different brands and capacities) voltages are fine (DRAM-VCC, VCC-3.3V, CPUVDD, …) AXP209 seems fine, as i can turn on/off D7

Is there a troubleshooting guide to track down the error? Any advice is highly appreciated.

Are you able to use a serial console to get a clue what’s going on? Information available as usual in linux-sunxi wiki: http://linux-sunxi.org/Lamobo_R1#Locating_the_UART

Otherwise it would be pretty hard to diagnose what’s going on.

All I get is:

U-BOOT SPL 2015.07-armbian-sun7i (Oct 11 2015 - 19:44:54) DRAM:

POWER Do you have a HDD mounted? Do you power via Micro USB? Have you tried another power supply?

[quote=“Tido, post:4, topic:1853”] Do you have a HDD mounted? [/quote]no

[quote=“Tido, post:4, topic:1853”] Do you power via Micro USB? [/quote]No, soldered a decent power source to C16

[quote=“Tido, post:4, topic:1853”] Have you tried another power supply? [/quote]yes. As i mentioned in the first post, I measured voltages and they are fine according to schematics.

Sorry, stumbled over your Voltage reporting. Did you remove every power source for like 20 minutes and try again ? Have you attached any thing to the GPIO ?

It was off the grid for 24h+. No GPIO connected, i even removed the poor WIFI module long time ago.

That’s a bad sign. At this stage not that much power hungry stuff happens so it might be bad DRAM. You could try to use an OS image that relies on boot0 (the Armbian image you use is based on u-boot what might lead to a different DRAM initialization) but I’ve no idea where to find that.

But I doubt it will help since normal u-boot output would look like:

U-Boot SPL 2016.05-armbian (Jun 08 2016 - 23:09:46)                                                                                                                     
DRAM: 1024 MiB                                                                                                                                                          
Trying to boot from MMC1                                                                                                                                                

So when not even the amount of DRAM is detected I would fear the worst (the output above is from a more recent u-boot since I’m creating an OS image for BPi M2+ and since this an incompatible H3 board u-boot output for the old A20 based Bananas might look different. Anyway: this here is the wrong place to ask technical questions, better try it in linux-sunxi IRC or Armbian forum)