BPI-R1 OS images need also SSH and HTTP access when just boot


BPI-R1 is mainly used as a router then just occasionaly as a workstation. It means it is not always connected with a HDMI display and keyboard but only by LAN network connections.

For this reason it is really more useful to be able to access the installed new image by SSH and/or HTTP connections.

By example I bought a BPI-R1 and I am happy with this product. As the given operating system image is OpenWRT I can access it with SSH and HTTP but for others proposed Debian+docker+openwrt and/or Snappy+docker+openwrt and perhaps others images it could be needed to give us a way to access BPI-R1 whatever the used image with SSH and/or HTTP. It also means that it could be better to boot the images in a text console. That could allow us to connect to it by SSH and/or HTTP and allow who need to start the graphic let him write startx to access the graphic mode.

Let me explain by giving a sample of why it could be needed.

The Gladys project is a really interesting home automation program that need node.js on the used system.

Cozy, a personal cloud system, also need node.js that could be used on raspbian image

Having a BPI-R1 system accescible by SSH and/or HTTP could allow us to use text mode to run node.js and then install those both Cozy and Gladys project.

Thank you to consider this need :

  1. start each image as text mode to allow everyone to access BPI-R1 by SSH command line and/or HTTP
  2. then only when needed the user could access the graphic mode by writing “startx” command

By using this everyone could be use the system as he need it (as a router/server only or as a workstation).

Thank you to consider this need.

Happy new year.

Miguipda :wink: