BPI-R1 OpenWrt 4.0 New Image Release


MD5: CB597EE79A6E27630AD7F903D23C4A7B



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Hi! What’s new? Is there any changelog to read? I cannot see a thread on the forum, too.


Hi, I can not access to OpenWRT with IP address Is this correct address or it’s changed?


you must configure the first without wan connection OpenWR. and the IP to if you have multiple routers

Give your knowledge further

OK, but I can not access to OpenWRT on address if this default address. DHCP not work on any port by default and i was tried with lot of different addresses on my PC (,,…) and can not access to OpentWRT.

Do you see a WiFi connection? If so you can connect via WiFi and then enter the router setup.

No, WiFi didn’t work by default also, and no DHCP on any port. I was find solution on different way. When i mount this image in linux i discovered that in folder /etc/config not exist file “network” for network configuration. I’m copied that file from OpenWRT image from user db260179 and now dhcp work on 4 lan ports and wan also, and i can access to web interface :smile:

Great work garcha! Thanks for updating us so new users can see how to make DHCP and WiFi work.

HI, I have the same issue when use the OpenWrt version. Please give more information to resolved the WiFi&LAN issue. Thanks

I want to know how to make DHCP and WiFi work in BPI-R1. Thanks

The answer is simple and applies to all sorts of products here: Do NOT use the ‘official’ OS images. They’re broken more or less. if you want OpenWRT choose the version community member db260179 provides (at the bananapi.com forum). If you want Debian go with Armbian or Bananian.

Thanks tkaiser, I get this. but I’m not sure db260179 provides openwrt image(WiFi working??).

Wi-Fi is broken by design. Only the marketing guys from the manufacturer think It’s useable.

For the most common problems (and how to partially solve them) have a look at the pinned threads here http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/forum/7-allwinner-a10a20/ and here http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/372-hardware-mod-bpi-r1/

hello everyone OpenWrt 4.0 not work dhcp server and openvrt what are problems?

Hi is there GPIO on Banana Pi R1 available with openWRT?

wiringPi Ohr any other stuff?

Greetings Elluminatus

Can nobody help me?

Greetings Elluminatus

we not test wiringpi on openwrt;

but you can reference below:


i found a new image of openwrt 4.0 that has a ton of stuff fixed. it took me days to find this information. so here is a link to the firmware i used.


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these are the images i used enjoy

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Maybe because @sinovoip forgets to send users to linux-sunxi wiki? There all relevant information including link to the working OpenWRT image from David is present since ages: http://linux-sunxi.org/Lamobo_R1#Images

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