BPI-P2 Zero hangs when booting from emmc and new SD-card in slot

Board: BPI-P2 Zero OS: Raspbian-Buster After having successfully booted from emmc we can’t use the SD card anymore. If we have a CLEAN and NEW SD-card in the SD-card slot, the system hangs. Any suggestions for a solution please?

  1. Download the bootloader file from https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sQ21cRRtniAvGOIDOhLAJDme4NQqRwZZ/view?usp=sharing

  2. boot your board from emmc without sdcard, flash the bootloader with this command, be carefull of doing this.

    $ sudo bpi-bootsel BPI-M2Z-720P-linux4.4-8k-emmc-only-sd-storage.img.gz /dev/mmcblk0

  3. reboot and then you can boot with sd insert as storage.

This bootloader file is only for emmc boot, if your sdcard flash linux image before, you must erase it from block 0.

or you can try armbian image.

20230606_072554 Thanks for the response, but it did not work. I downloaded the file with “wget” and executed “sudo bpi-bootsel BPI-M2Z-720P-linux4.4-8k-emmc-only-sd-storage.img.gz /dev/mmcblk0”. All was going well and the system was asking me to reboot. I did shutdown the system, inserted the sd-card and rebooted the system. Than again as it did before, the system hangs and restarts automatically in a loop. When I add the sd-card after the boot-up, the system sees the SD-card. When I try to start the system with a brand new sd-card, the system hangs. See attached file for the screen output. I need to stick to Raspbian. Armbian is not an option for me. Specific programs like Motioneye and AP do not work.

Sorry but I made a mistake. All works fine if executed as you were suggesting. Again thanks.