BPI-P2 Zero Disable Bluetooth via Overlay on Armbian

I have been really struggling with the BPI-P2 Zero to get a just the right image I need. Because I need a small image to fit in the eMMC and because I need a very recent distro (Bullseye or Buster) I can’t use most of the images provided by others. As such, I decided on using Armbian to create the image. And while I had to be very careful about what I chose in the Armbian options, I have managed to create an image that works.

The problem I have having now is I am trying to make a Raspberry Pi HAT work with this same board so I need to find a way to disable Bluetooth via overlay (per tips by the HAT user community). Does anyone know how to do overlays for the BPI-P2 using Armbian? Specifically, does anyone know how to disable BT using this method?