BPI open debugger for IOT development

BPI Open Debugger is a set of programming tools in the development of STM series of microcontrollers, TI CC1x, 2x, TI CC3x series SOC, when STC Series MCU can be programmed quickly and easily debug, debugging programmer does not have to do something different series of chips switching plug tedious work. In addition, it also integrates a USB to serial port, which is a common interface for embedded development. It is also one of USB2.0 HUB, making it easy to extend to other USB tools. With it, no longer need to face a bunch of different writer, complicated mess of wiring, USB port deficiencies

Support Objects

CC Debugger Interface:

Programming and debugging of the following 8051-based TI SoCs:







To SmartRF Studio control same apparatus. In addition, you can also control the following transceiver SmartRF:




It can also be used to program the PurePath wireless devices:



SWD Interface:

Programming and debugging mainstream ARM7 \ 9 \ 11, Cortex-A5 \ A8 \ A9 \ M0 \ M1 \ M3 \ M4

Supported MCU manufacturers:


Energy Micro…。

Speeds up the programming and debugging functions 4Mhz: Write Flash Rom, EEPROM, ARF, and support for full speed, stepping, breakpoints

JTAG Interface:

JTAG programming and debugging interface for all supported kernel。

UART Interface:

STC series microcontroller programming and debugging output port for printing information.

you can use Open debugger work on BPI-G1 and other development board.