BPI-M64 with GPIO - kernel 3.10.105


I am finishing a new build with GPIO enabled (gpio_sw driver) and need to test some gpio as input and output, i will test some Leds, pushbuttons and reading sensors with pulldown | pullup.

I would like to know which PINs i can use for GPIO input and output without conflicting with some PINs already in use by some peripherics in use.

Can i use this pins as output or it is in use by the device (?):

  • CON2-P31 PCM0-BCLK PB5
  • CON2-P32 PCM0-DIN PB7
  • CON2-P33 PCM0-SYNC PB4
  • CON2-P35 PCM0-DOUT PB6


  • CON2-P15 DMIC-DIN PH11
  • CON2-P13 DMIC-CLK PH10

Take the configuration above as the Android config, this is because i will base my DTS on the Android sys_config. I will experiments with the GPIOs and then release the image in case someone is interested.

I have finished updating the gpio sunxi driver to the new build, will push this to github so if anyone wants to experiment with GPIO (the sunxi way) i just need to finish a mini tutorial and test the pins.

[   21.637448] gpio_led_probe start
[   21.637474] led1 gpio number is 120
[   21.637484] led2 gpio number is 143
[   21.637492] led3 gpio number is 142
[   27.106008] gpio_pin_1(227) gpio_is_valid
[   27.113564] gpio_pin_2(226) gpio_is_valid
[   27.121320] gpio name is PH3, ret = 0
[   27.128440] gpio name is PH2, ret = 0
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