[BPI-M64] Windows 10 IoT Core for BPI-M64 Boot Source Code


##AllWinner UEFI Firmware Release Notes


This document describes how to build AllWinner UEFI Firmware and bring a AllWinner dev board up with it. The AllWinner UEFI Firmware, as the major boot system for AllWinner-Windows platform, is based on the EDK2 framework which is open-source and with some AllWinner platform software packages injected.

Features of this version:

This version can only support two boards based on AllWinner A64 platform which is Pine64 and Banana Pi M64; Need to build and pack the firmware via a Linux shell; At present, it can only bring up Windows 10 IoT Core. About UEFI and EDK2 open source project, please refer to links below:

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