BPI-M64 - GPIOs for the Leds [0,1,2]

Can you please confirm the GPIOs for the LED0, LED1 and LED2?

HI: you can reference it

LED0® : PD24

LED1(G): PE14

LED2(B): PE15

Thank you Justin,

Kernel has been updated to support Leds (Blue and Green). You can set Led1 and Led2 to trigger “heartbeat”,“default-on”,“mmc0”,etc… as usual.

The only issue i have is when OV5640 Camera module is loaded it stops the triggering or stops powering the Leds ( i could not measure the power on leds ). One workaround is make it as module and at later time load it, after all other modules have been loaded, but i am not sure this really worked.

I don’t know if Android activates the Leds while using the Camera. If someone has Android running and can test if the Leds are working while recording with the camera please post in here.

I will push the changes to github in case someone is interested.

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Can I use GPIO for led on bpiM2U ?

PS: I dont want to open a new topic if it the same on all bpi…
have a good day