BPI-M64 burn EMMC on Windows 10

Hello there,

I need help to install Android on EMMC in my M64. Tried follow tutorial to M3 but not working. Somebody can help me?

The BPI not recognized in Phonixsuit. Already install driver google.

I’m using Windows 10

HI: You can install 3rd-party usb driver.


  1. Download PhoenixSuit 1.0.7
  2. installl Drivers->AW_Driver->usbdrv.inf
  3. execute PhoenixSuit.exe
  4. Connect M64 to PC with usb cable.
  5. load android image on firmware menu
  6. press long power button for power off and release button.
  7. press FEL button
  8. press power button
  9. wait until red led on
  10. release all buttons.
  11. upgrade window will be displayed.