BPI-M64 build kernel

When making the M64 kernel images, do I have to use the Armbian source? And then, what the board name do I have to use? There is no M64 board name. Thanks, in advance.

we will update M64 BSP code to github soon.:wink:

“Soon” means, before 1week, or before 1month? I have to decide this project using BPI-M64 or RPI-3 or Odrod-C2, SOON. I bought each boards, but the BPI-M64 has no BSP. I have to use a PWM, so I want to change the kernel’s configuration . Thanks,

sorry . see here :

Thanks for your support. So, the M64 KERNEL source comes from the PINE64 source. And, compiling the kernel PINE64 as raw, this means the board’s H/W is same, correct?