BPI-M5 with Android system

Banana Pi BPI-M5 with Amlogic S905x3 chip design ,test android 9 function


I installed the Android image that you post for download and the interface is more like a TV box distro. Why you just don’t release a clean distro with minimal Gapps for a better experience? By the way, I can’t install Gapps in the current Android version. ¿Any ideas?

The current Android distro looks like a TV Box interface. The experience with keyboard and mouse is really bad and don’t let me install gapps. In other hand, there’s no root option. Would be grate if you port a Lineage OS or Clean and rooted Android distro wich is much better than your distro.

Why Gapps apk installer detect your distro as Android 7? Why your enviroment to build Android is for Android 7? So many questions without answers from Sinovoip support team!

please see wiki documents:


you use the board with keyboard/mouse, but other pepople want use remote ir, you want root permission, but other people not, you want Lineage OS, but other people not, so bpi will must relase every image you want?

Install OpenGapps with recovery update does not need root permission, but OpenGapps is not a standard that every platform must be supportted, you can fork the OpenGapps github and porting it to amlogic platform, or wait sinovoip modify their recovery to support both amlogic ota and OpenGapps recovery update.

In this forum someone said that don’t want use keyboard/mouse or don’t want LineageOS? I think that you made excuses for the bad Android distro for BPI-M5.

you did not see is not means not exist

So, what is the point of this forum?

They made it. You can’t or don’t want to?

Is this offical release by hardkernel? Is armbian offical release by hardkernel?

Sinovoip need opensource developers like voodik or opensource community like armbian, coreelec to support this board and make more opensource images. There are so many type images, they can’t maintain all of them.

It’s just an example of what is a good Android distro. ¿Can’t you do something different to a cheap TV Box Android version?

Even the official Android version for Odroid C4 is better than Android distro for BPI-M5. It’s clean and yes …support Gapps.

By the way…support keyboar, mouse and IR control.

If I replace Android System from BPI-M5 with Android System from Odroid C4, through fastboot command (fastboot flash system system.img), ¿could boot BPI-M5 with the Android version for Odroid C4? ¿There is some way to boot Android from SD card?

Are there any plans for a not Android TV Image? I really need a normal AOSP Android Image.

Do you know which wifi sticks work?


Now, I’m trying to install Android image with Usb Burning Tool on Windows. Can you help me?

  1. M5 board disconnect power, press and hold SW4 button beside 40pin header, plugin type-c usb cable to PC

Installing software is OK. But this board is’nt recognized by my PC. ・Pressing SW4 is tried. ・Some type C cable is tried. ・Some windows OS(10/7) is tried.

Do I need to install Amlogic’s USB driver? Or if I make a mistake, please tell me.


There is no extra usb driver, default is installed with usb_burning_tool.exe. If you can’t see the “Connect success” picture of step 2, please check the driver is work on your PC, and upload the tool log, for example, C:\Amlogic\Aml_Burn_Tool\V2\log\2021.06\2021.06.08


Thanks for your reply. This is the tool log of USB driver.

which device is the M5 board? I do not understand Japanese

first check board detected by windows, then check whether driver loaded correctly, WorldCup Device means the board enter download mode correctly and identified by amlogic driver.

tool log is a txt file under burning tool install path, for example, C:\Amlogic\Aml_Burn_Tool\V2\log\

If you still can’t get “WorldCup Device”, you can try to flash image with sdcard, please refer to https://docs.khadas.com/vim3/UpgradeViaTFBurningCard.html