BPI-M4 Screen resolution - use hdmi to vga,how to do it?

i use hdmi to vga I bought a BPi M4 a week ago and I’m continously struggling with the display. There is NO WAY to change the screen resolution, it’s stuck at 1920x1080. I’ve downloaded all the available kinds of linux distros for M4 and nothing works.

kernel initialize display with a predefine 1080p edid if it can’t detect the monitor edid or the edid is not support.

can change to 720p?and, how do?

I also had the same issue. Was trying to change to 1024x768 but i don’t see a way to change it. I tried changing the boot parameter in uEnv.txt but is not working at all. Is there a documentation or wiki to show how to do it? I am using the raspbian linux image from bpi wiki.

Same problem. Anybody can help?

im having the same problem with w2, i only need basic resolution, only shell will be displayed

Me too have this problem, using an HDMI to VGA is useless, in fact I connect my BPI M4 to a Bravia TV and isn’t working, I tried several images two days now and nothing works, spent hours reading and googling and still can’t use the BPI don’t know what to do.

I’m thinking that the board its useless…