BPI-M4 Can not boot from sdcard

Hi, I have downloaded the official debian image for the BPI M4 Zero but after flashing it to a 128 gb sdcard it doesn’t seem to boot properly. I see the led led flashing but there is not output via hdmi. How can I debug this further?

These are the images I have tried:

  • 2023-12-22 Bpi-m4zero_1.0.0_debian12_bookworm_desktop_xfce_linux6.1.31
  • 2023-12-22 Bpi-m4zero_1.0.0_debian12_bookworm_minimal_linux6.1.31

from Banana Pi BPI-M4 Zero - Banana Pi Wiki


plese see here ;


You can refer to the burning method here: Getting Started BPI-M4 Zero | BananaPi Docs

In addition, I have the following questions:

Is the power supply of M4 Zero enough for 5v2a?

How did you burn it to the card?

What brand is your card?

I followed exactly this guide but the bpi does not boot.

Yes, Macbook Pro power supply which should be more than enough. I used balena-etcher to flash the sdcard. Sdcard is a Sandisk Extreme 128gb (xc1 v30 a2).

On the bpi the right led is solid green and after while the left led starts flashing red irregularly. There is no oputput over hdmi. Is there a description somewhere bout the led flashing patterns? Also what do the two buttons do (rst and the other) - is there a description too?


As far as I know, the USB output of MacBook Pro is only about 5V 500ma, which should not be enough.If the power supply is not enough, it will keep restarting. I suggest you change the power supply to 5V2A.

Sorry for the missunderstanding. I mean the power brick that comes with the Mac not the mac itself. Something like this - should be fine right?

Are there any docs regarding the leds and the buttons or do you have an idea how to debug it further? Maybe it is a faulty board.

This is the definition of LED and button

if you want to debug , you need a usb to ttl cable like this ,connect to debug uart you can refer to this How to get the log information for Banana Pi board - Banana Pi Wiki